About Us

Alpine Pharma Pty Ltd (www.alpinepharma.com.au) is a manufacturer of medical devices serving pharmacies and distributors in Australia. Our strength is to manufacture high quality, affordable medical devices that meet and exceed TGA standards. With 15+ years of medical device manufacturing experience within our team, we plan to manufacture a wide range of medical devices available for the pharmacy, general practitioner and hospital market in Australia.

Our strengths

  • • Sourcing quality components from manufacturers across the world
  • • Experienced TGA compliance team
  • • Portfolio of high quality products
  • • Competitive pricing
  • • Robust infrastructure for timely delivery and accurate order processing

Private Label

Alpine Pharma Pty Ltd has developed an expertise in private labeling medical devices. If you have a chain of pharmacies or a group of nursing homes, we can design customized boxes to increase brand awareness of your company. We offer a state of the art graphic design department with capabilities in creating the most effective packaging for your business needs. We can update your look or develop new packaging that will set you apart from other retailers or distributors. Whatever your needs or desires are, we are here to help you achieve the right packaging to meet them. From start to finish we handle all your private label needs.


Swift Blood Pressure Monitors

With the demand for blood pressure monitors increasing in the market we arelaunching two multi-featured fully automatic arm and wrist blood pressure monitors. Since accuracy is highly important for consumers actively managing their blood pressure levels, we have ensured that best in class technology is used to manufacture these monitors. It is because of this technology that we can confidently offer a 2-year warranty. Whether it is a pharmacy or a consumer, affordability is the key for any device. Swift blood pressure monitorsare the most affordable fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitors available in the market. This will ensure that you or your customers will never have to use a manual BP monitor.